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Sad Poetry in english US | Four Line Shayari in English USA | 4 line shayari Heart touching in english United States | Attitude Quotes


Just go and tell these poor people

Who does business of crores of billions

Our wealth is measured by our hearts

He embarrasses relationships with money

It's not their right to match us

We are mystics and love an unfaithful one

If it is a crime to share someone's laughter

We commit a thousand such crimes in a day

The color has changed, not the nature, those people have

Look at the mood, they call home and attack

Why not the enemy who came in the courtyard

We treat the guest like a god

They want to buy us with paper notes

But the traitors do the work of selling conscience

Of course, he took my life by asking.

Sacrifice on love, do these breaths a hundred times.

Sad Poetry in english

Sad Poetry in english

With kumkum-filled steps,

Maa Durga came to your door !!

May you get all the happiness,

This is the call from Maa Durga !!

   Jai Mata Di

Sad Poetry in english

You are the smelling evening in Fiza,

You are the jam of love,

hides you in the chest,

You are the second name of my life!!

Sad Poetry in english

Now stop complaining - Well I am not happy either,

Now I am not fond of proving myself, what you think I am.

Sad Poetry in english

what can i say

that you smile

to words

by touching

follow you

shine your eyes

love shines

more mind

come close

You go

listen, you say

what shall i say

i you

that become love

on me

You go rain

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